2017 Calendar Made With Original Inspirational Quotes


I hope you enjoy this new 2017 Calendar with inspirational quotes created from training and products taught in ARI.  Please feel free to download it and share it as well.  You can download it by clicking on the picture below.

2017 CalendarThis is the second year that I created a calendar.   I liked the one from last year so much I used the training I learned from ARI, the marketing business I’m in to recreate the general look of it.   In fact, this 2017 calendar would not have been possible without this training.

I had a lot of fun creating it feeling a huge sense of accomplishment when I was finished.  You see, I even had to replace a tiny bold number “14” with a regular “14” in one of the small calendars that I had inserted that shows  the following month.  There is no way I would have known what to do without that training.  Being able to have this feature was important to me and the month that was in question was January 2018.  I was determined to make it look like the months from the 2017  calendar. 

I also had fun coming up with new quotes.  They are all phrases that I thought of when I was working on my FB community page.  This is also from a training in the marketing business.  I like that I can use free tools to create what I want.

2017 Calendar Located on a Special Site…

When you go to the 2017 calendar download site by clicking on the picture above you will also see a page I created especially for the calendar to be able to easily give it to people, you can also use this site if you want to share the calendar.  Again, that page was created from a product and training from the marketing business.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you have a wonderful 2017 and I hope the wisdom learned in 2016 will serve you well in 2017.

Written by Renita Lowry  http://positivebusinessforyou.com

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