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I thought, hey, we are a lot alike.  I mean, we most likely have family connections of some kind. For me, I am a wife, mother of 2 grown children, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, aunt and I have some good friends and acquaintances. And we might have some similar interests.

We also have something else in common, which is the sense that working from home has answers for something we want to achieve.

Now here is where we begin our own unique story. We all have very specific reasons for searching and exploring the possibilities of owning our own business. This is my story, but I would love to hear yours.

Before Network Marketing…

Like many people, I did some training after high school. For fun, I took commercial baking and then spent a few months in Germany in a pastry shop sharpening my skills. I really enjoyed this industry but my parents had other plans for me.  So off I went to university and studied nutrition and ended up as a Registered Dietitian. In retrospect, I should have studied business or fine arts, voice.

Have you ever felt that you were different?  Well, I was. The other dietitians were happy to work in hospitals, but not me.   I had my sights on my own business. I was going to be a Dietitian in Private Practice and I knew that even before securing my internship position. The entrepreneurial bug had bitten me somewhere along the way! Hmmmmm, could the fact that both my Grandfathers were businessmen have something to do with it. I did not know them very well since I grew up in Canada, and they spent their lives in Germany, but I think they somehow had an influence on me.

So right after my studies, I started my own business as a dietitian in private practice. I was a pioneer.  Nobody did this, nobody.

I really enjoyed the freedom I had being Boss and I also enjoyed developing my own programs. At a time when this was not conventional, I brought together a team of experts in fitness, psychology, nutrition and fashion to cover the many aspects of the weight control equation in a group program.

 Sometimes things

just drop in your lap…

I had always liked a particular product and decided to do some inquiries.   Could “someone like me” handle the home parties? I had become quite isolated because of my health issues. I had other reservations too.  Would I even be able to do this.  Would I be able to find enough clients to make this work. These are all the normal fears many of us have when we first start out. And so began my career in the Home Business Network Marketing Industry.

I mention about my health and I want to share with you that the impact is like having an other job to deal with while you are working your network marketing business. But, this industry is perfect because you have full control over when you do it. You just have to be more efficient with your time when you have a full-time or part-time job, or health issues.

My first home business was direct sales. I needed to get 6 home parties booked in 1 month to get my “kit” free.  Now that was motivation. I found that when I was wishy-washy (I was still testing the waters)I  told people that I was thinking about going into this business.  They would not book with me. But, when I said that I am doing this, I got my 6 parties much to my surprise.

I stayed with this company for several years, but the toll of having to lug heavy boxes did me in.  In addition to the the fact that I did everything,  literally everything for my daughter’s wedding.

So as life would have it, something brand new came knocking. I was exhausted.  But in true Renita style I got on the phone right away because I had learned that it is good to have a fast start. There was a contest at the time, a good motivator, and I wanted to achieve it.  And that happened!

I have always achieved leadership levels with everything I have done and I think it is because I forge ahead. I find out what I need to do and I do it.

Who is Renita…What a question!

A friend of mine told me that I know myself best.  Now that may or not may be true.

I was born in Edmonton Alberta, a first generation Canadian of German parents. Now that means good food, spaetzle: homemade noodles , wonderful desserts..and great German wine. All my relatives live in Germany, so I had the good fortune to have had many visits to see my grandparents and other family members. I have many fond memories of my European travels and feel a sense of connection to my roots there. I love the culture, the history, the beautiful landscapes. There is a saying where my relatives reside “it is so beautiful here, we don’t need to travel”. I had to laugh one day when my Aunt and I were shopping and we ran into one of her friends in the wine section of the store.  They are so knowledgeable and specific about the local wine that even the side of the hill where the grapes are from make a difference to the selection of the wine! That is so different from Canada.

I did inherit the travel bug from one side of the family who were more nomadic in nature.  They ventured up through Switzerland to finally settle in Germany. This side is known for their house building skills.  Apparently in parts of Switzerland the dwellings still stand. I have had the privilege to travel through many parts of Europe, Greece, the Holy Land, the UK, Mexico, the Caribbean, the US and parts of Canada. Traveling is a fun and interesting part of who I am.

When you have many interests it is hard to pick out a favorite

I have the soul of a baker, which is becoming a lost art  Not only do I have fun seeing what I can create, I also decorate cakes.  One project was applying the finishing details to an Eiffel Tower statue cake that my friend had constructed for the birthday party of her 7-year-old. The cake was so tall I had to use a stool to pipe the top with delicious chocolate icing over the vanilla base coat.  You are short, my friend noted.  Well, the cake was tall!! I also did my daughter’s wedding cake with a star wars theme.  Hey, everything was edible, as white chocolate works wonders. It is interesting how things come together.  I had trouble with the rolled fondant on the lowest level.  But the pits in it made it look like concrete and futuristic which so suited the cake, especially with the grey/silver paint on it.

The first cake shown was one I designed for a friend’s wedding. It had 3 oval cakes in front of it positioned to look like the petals of a daisy. This top layer was supposed to represent the center of the flower. I made all the flowers out of royal icing. The cake was a Mocha Cake with Chocolate Ganache icing..a family favorite.

RICHARDchristina 962_1

Found the other one…here’s to all you Star Wars Fans!

star wars cake

I also sing and love to dance but as what happened to my Grandmother, a fellow lover of the art, I married a non-dancer.  Sigh, but he is an accomplished musician, a crazy drummer.  I have brought into the world artistic children who astound audiences with their wild flipping swing dance moves.  They both teach locally as well. And, both are  clowns.   Julie is the clown in the picture ( posted in the newspaper) is from the 2010 local Fringe Festival Parade.  She lead the charge, but was caught enjoying her brother’s ice cream. I am a producer of clowns, dancing clowns!!

Mooch left side

It’s funny how we humans are.  I have been blessed with opposing passions. On one hand I have the soul of a baker, and on the other hand my passion from the nutrition degree I have is for weight control issues.   But I have found that good food, even wonderful Swiss and German chocolate and pastries, can have their place in one’s diet.  Hey good tasting food is up there on the pleasure scale!

I enjoy and appreciate beauty

You see this in some of the artistic clothing I wear , in the way my house is decorated inside and in the crafts I have designed. I have some amazing friends who are so artistic in their skills.  I think they far exceed my offerings, but it is so endearing that my artistic sense is revered by them… mutual admiration society .

Now this blog is about working from home

I have had a journey in this field.  It is not uncommon for people to discover their passions and success in many directions. I discovered the world of leverage with my companies that included residual income in their compensation plan. There have been other projects in my journey, and I have always achieved leadership levels in my ventures. I have always felt that if everyone did a little bit, everyone would do well…and “focus on people and the money will come” I still stand by these!

I am a true entrepreneur by heart, and love the massive possibilities afforded by this industry

Are You And Renita Alike…

So, I’m sure I’m just like you in many ways.  I don’t have a background in business or marketing so all of this was very new to me.  I’ve gone through many things to get where I am now. and if you have been in business before, I’m sure you can relate.  There is one thing, however,  about me that I think made an immediate difference.  That one thing is that I found out what I had to do and got to work right away.    I learned immediately that you have to be decisive, strong about what you are doing or no one will want to do business with you.  You have to believe in your product and it’s value to others, otherwise people hear the uncertainty in your voice.
I also realized over the years that I needed to learn a lot of new skills.  I had to learn how to talk with strangers about my business and online marketing.  I learned these things the hard way, but you don’t have to.

Renita’s First home Based Business..

I started in a home party business so I had to approach people I knew.  This was not easy for me, because I felt very nervous around people.   At first I put feelers out and asked people if they would have a party if I did this business.  No one, not one  person said yes, so I changed my tactics.  I then approached them with as much confidence as I could muster.  I told them I was in this business and would they like to do a home party with me.   To my surprise…everyone I asked said yes.  The difference was conviction, my personal conviction in that this was my business and I can confidence in it.
I had to get out of my comfort zone if I was going to make this work and I did that, we needed the money!  So, what is motivating you to look into a home based business?  This is a very important question because a strong need to make money does help to push oneself to do what needs to be done.
My natural bent on finding out what I needed to do and do it helped me to achieve leadership status in the businesses I put effort in.  I say this because, like you perhaps, I was curious about the claim from some online gurus of “just come in,  do nothing and you will make money”.  None of these side businesses worked and were a waste of time and reputation.  You see, you have to be very careful of your reputation.  People need to trust you and your judgement and that you have their best interest at heart.  People want to be with people they like and trust.  I have engendered this trust with some people that I had the great pleasure of getting to know from my online work.  The last thing anyone wants to do is lose that trust.
Because I forged ahead, I have been able to make money and achieve leadership status in every business I put effort into.  I don’t think this is a special skill, I just let people know I was in business.  If there was a deadline and I had a goal, I did what I had to do to reach that goal.

Direct Marketing Helped Renita’s Success…

To get started in my first business, I had to approach people in the city I lived in.   I had to talk with them.  This is direct marketing.  I believe being forced to do this helped me have success in the Network Marketing Industry.  This is because I was already in the habit of starting a business this way.  When you start a business you should already know quite a bit about what your product is, how you make money and what you have to do to succeed. You should know this because that is the best way to decide if you want to be in that business in the first place.  Because of this, you can start getting the word out that you are in business right away.  The easiest way to do  this is by talking with people you know.  This is a fast way to get a good start in sponsoring people into your business.  This is works well if you have been truthful to them in the past and have shown to be trustworthy.

Making Friends Helped Renita’s Anxiety…

Remember I mentioned that I was nervous, well that was part of the anxiety I had to deal with.  I have a feeling some of you also have to deal with this, so I’ve mentioned it so that you know you can have success in spite of it.  When you are in business, You are in business.  What I mean by that is that you bring all of who you are with you into the project.  If you have confidence you bring this.  If you are a good speaker, you bring this.  If you are shy, you bring this.  All of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses follow you into your business and they will effect your outcome.  Fortunately there is hope because being friends with your online/offline business partners helps to feel supported.

If you are in a business, make sure you stay connected with your sponsor if that person is a good person.  If not, then find people to join with you in your business so you can have a support system.  This will help you keep going when it gets tough, and it will.  Many of my sponsors were not good people, so I found my support from the good people I met online.  The 2 businesses I am currently doing have excellent owners and I am directly connected with them. There is no one between me and them in the structure.  The one I started 3 years ago, my sponsor and her sponsor left immediately.  That left me in the top position and the go to person for all the people under me.  I had to learn some online skills fast because of this.

Staying in a Business for  Long time Helped Renita’s Success…

So many people jump from business to business looking for that one that will finally make them money, but that doesn’t work well.  It also makes you look unstable to your friends.   People know I stay in my businesses and can be trusted because of this.  This is also a part of my success.

Business Development In Renita’s Business Success…

I had and still have a lot to learn.  I’m sure you feel that way too.  When you get online, wow there are so many things to learn  and these things change all the time.   There’s websites, blogs, landing pages, SEO, autoresponders, youtube videos, power point presentations…yikes help!  I’ve spent money on how to do a presentation and talking with people you don’t know, talking with “leads”.  There are different skills here and they are all important.

You have to have tools for capturing the names of people who are looking for a way to make money so you can talk with them about it.  You have to know how to talk with them so they like you quickly and trust you.  You also have to know where to put your ads and post your landing pages.  You also have to know what to say in ads, and this changes all the time.  Rules change on the internet all the time.  For Example, Facebook is constantly changing their algorithms  of how your business pages are seen.  They want you to pay them for advertising instead of helping you with free advertising.   There is a lot here to learn.

What I also found to be frustrating was that there were tools to use, but no help in where to market them.  Many of these tools were part of Network Marketing Companies.   I felt stuck in my small world not knowing how to break into the real online world.  Where do I post my landing pages?  How to I reach the many people looking to make money online.  I learned that  having tools are only a part of the equation, and I searched for the answers to this.   Finding Free ways of marketing was also important because many people looking to make money online don’t have a lot of cash on hand.

Sometimes the Right People Come Into Your Life

The answer came to me when someone, Jerry, called me up to talk with me about my business.  He wanted to partner with me in my business and saw my phone number online. I really believe I was meant to connect with this guy.  He is a programmer, marketer and loves to teach.  He has a huge heart and loves to help people.  He is very smart, has an MBA.  And best of all he has a real imagination for new ways to market a business.  He invited me to come to some informal classes he was teaching on website development.  I learned a lot and it is with this learning that I created this subdomain website.

Jerry decided to start his own business that teaches and gives the tools the where the how the why the how to talk the marketing of a home based business.  This is in my opinion the first business anyone who is serious about success should do because the training here will help with any business.  The live training keeps it up to date and it is also a way to make money, so win/win on all fronts.

Before starting this business, I picked up some skills on my own, but that took a long time.   It is an exciting journey especially for someone like me who is not a computer person.  But, it is surprising what you can do when you follow instructions and can copy and paste.  That’s all anyone needs to know  to learn a lot of valuable skills.


Personal Development In Renita’s Business Success…

The best personal development that I found that deals with all the “inside my head stuff” is Joyce Meyer Ministries.  I’ve learned so much that has helped me in my business.  I look at the daily devotional and the broadcast.  One of my good business friends Duane, mentioned that he noticed a difference in me since I’ve been taking the time to go to this valuable personal development, I’m calmer.  It takes time, but I am not anxious the way I was my whole life.  I found Joyce on US Thanksgiving of 2013.

I’d like to mention that I had success in spite of the anxiety I felt on a daily basis.  I am sharing this with you so if you have to deal with this as well, you know there is hope for success even when you are in the midst of it.

It’s been a journey…

I’ve been through a journey with my home businesses.  I had to stop doing the first one because it was too much for my health to carry heavy boxes to the home parties.  Just before I stopped this business, a friend of mine paid my way into a Network Marketing business.  I do not recommend anyone do this to start a business because it does not teach a new consultant a way that they can copy for their own business success.  I know my friend meant to be kind to me and others, but It was pure folly to do this.
There was a special leadership fast stack program in this business and I got to work immediately calling people I knew and won a trip to the company’s headquarters.  But again, this fast track did not set up a solid foundation in the company compensation plan, so again, I do not recommend this as a way to attain a leadership position.
I think you get the idea that I have been able to sponsor people into the businesses I’ve put effort in.  What really caused me to look for answers though, was to look for ways that others could also have success in their businesses.  Many things you do online work well because people all do their part and sponsor a few people, but this seems to be so difficult for many people.
After trying a few businesses, some travel, some nutritional, some with electronic products, again, always making money using what could be considered the old fashioned way of marketing, I was introduced to online marketing.   This is not my natural talent, so you can imagine how I careful I have to be to not make mistakes and learn some skills.

Renita made exceptional income…

A few years back I discovered very early on a business that was in what is called “prelaunch” and worked it from the end of May forward.  We finally launched and were paid in November, where I made $15,000 in my first check and another $5000 later that month.  It’s was too bad that the Canadian Dollar was higher in value than the US$ so I lost a few thousand in the currency exchange. and with fees getting it into Canada.  I personally sponsored 44 people by talking with people I knew, and posting on the IBO timeline, doing Press releases and placing ads in IBO.  IBO is a place where people who have online businesses have accounts and use the platform to market what they are doing.   This was a huge success, however, the company was not run by good people and it fell apart almost immediately.  I made $5000 in Dec, $2500 in January..and less and less until it completely shut down that summer.  We were not able to get our money out for a long time before it closed.
My sponsor led us to another company that was just launching, I am still with them, but she left immediately after they launched leaving our group without a person who had the ability to do webinars.  I had wanted to learn how to do power point presentations and found myself inconveniently thrust in this position.  My skills have developed to the point of doing youtube videos and website and they continue to develop more and more with a business that teaches how to market.

Renita does the Math…

Over the years I learned that you have to look at a few things before committing to a Home based Business, and that is looking at how you make money.  It’s the math.  So many people don’t do this, and I know it’s because some of you are not good in this area.  I have many business friends in this situation.

So, how I do this is take out paper and pen and map out what happens in a comp plan.  From this I learned that a narrow deep matrix requires more people to make money, so is not advisable.  I absolutely hate binaries because only the people who can sponsor a lot of people do well, other don’t.  I created a special “Fast Start” version of the company I’ve been in since 2013 because it is the best way for people to make money faster with fewer people.  I am going against the company with this, but it is the only way this income plan makes sense for the majority of people.  I put up a website with articles and made many youtube videos to present this good way of doing this business.

In my newest business, I also found the math to be exceptional.  

I advise you to really look at this aspect, the math.  Any business you are planning to do has to be worth the effort by giving you  an appropriate income.

Renita Cares about Her Business Partners..

So This is What She did:

While I’ve had success, I have been concerned about the lack of success for the majority of people in sponsoring other people into their business.  If you want to have true success, you have to sponsor people, I learned that a long time ago.

I realized that this is not about me, it’s about a group of like-minded people working together, so I have been working on a project to help with that.  I have created extra training  for people who are connected with me in business to help them learn how to do Network Marketing.    I’ve had feed back that it is helping and that was my goal.  I also started a weekly meeting training session as well.

There is training on how to talk with people, marketing ideas, how to sponsor, personal development.  It’s an ongoing project that I keep adding on to.

If you have been in this industry, you will know that duplication (sponsoring)is the most important skill to learn if you want to have a chance at the real money in this industry.  Now people who join with me will have a better chance at this.  I am also available for personal mentoring.

I  highly recommend everyone to get into the new business I am in to get amazing online marketing training.  I can’t give away the product from this in my extra training because it is unethical.  For the small cost, it is definitely invaluable training.  It is also a good secondary income.


Business is Basically About…

Promoting a product that has value for people and making money doing this.  That’s it.  It is also essential that you really like the product because people can hear the passion for it in your voice.  If you are not really convinced you have something of value for them and yourself,  this will effect the success of your business.

Now I don’t want to give you

the wrong picture…

I have had many challenges. I had to over come my fear of talking with people about my business.  I think you can relate to this. I had to learn new skills and am still learning. I have had so-called mentors bully me to the degree that I had to stop for several months to recover my ability to work. I find that I need to be positive.  People hear this in my voice, and when I was so beaten down by the abuse, this was impossible.

Never let anyone steal your dream

or treat you badly.

Being in an online business is an amazing opportunity for self-development and personal growth. I hear people say ”anyone can do this”.  I want to qualify that you can do this, but you will have to learn some skills.   And be willing to work at it if you want the real money that is possible with this industry.


You might say to me, Renita, I’m not like you. But I say to this, you can be who you are and learn what you need to do to be successful too. I also believe that because I had passion for what I was doing, that was the fuel for my activity.  That and I really wanted to make good money. I always knew that for people like me and perhaps you too, the best way to do this was to do it in the Networking online industry.


can the internet really do that for me…

At first all I knew to do was to pick up the phone and call people. Then, as my journey continued and I met more and more people online…the whole new aspect of online marketing added a new dimension.

I am non techie to the extreme, but I knew I had to tell myself that I can do this too.

Thank you again for stopping by. 

Have an amazing day, and drop me a line…I’d love to get to know you too

 I invite you to take a look around..there are many interesting posts and pages on this site that may be of interest to you.

If you like what you see, and like me, why not join me in one of my businesses.  I look forward to getting to know you better.

All the best,


780 463 0773 ( Mountain time…2 hours behind Eastern US time)

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