Update: Special Fast Start Makes 4 Corners Work

We all want the best for ourselves..and that includes the best way to do things to help us succeed.

This popular business can be excellent, but only when it is done with a Special Fast Start, otherwise it just takes too long to wait for the commissions to pay.

I’ve produced many videos and articles explaining how things work to help you understand this.  So many videos from others do not show how long it takes for people to be in a position to make the top income.  The only way to realize real money is to create a Fast Start for you and the people you bring in…duplicating this all down the line. 

The following video explains how this all works and how to join.



Join 4 Corners: CLICK HERE

Having people do their part and bring in their first row of 4 makes perfect sense. 

Set your join to a set 3 start..that will be $54.60, then have people get Set 4 from their my purchases section after they have joined costing another $60 for the product…extremely affordable, and you are on your way for making $9000 when your first 4 rows are filled, and you have sponsored your first row. ( the reason for the Set 3 join to begin with is so there will be no delays in the join sequence..people can use their credit cards..if we set it at Set 4..then Solid Trust Pay must verify the card.  I know I have changed my mind on the Set 4 vs Set 3 join setting, but my final conclusion is that the fastest way is always the best)

This chart shows what happens and how this works…

4c set 1-4 2016

*****As you can see from the chart above, with a Set 4 start..I don’t need a lot of people to make this work, and that is very comforting and exciting.  The Set 1 people have no real income yet in this scenario when their first 4 rows are full..but the Set 4 people already have many thousands with the same number of people in the matrix.

Row 5 and up is where the really big money comes in, and it comes in a lot faster if you approach this as I have mentioned.

set4 & sponsor4(Note:  The income in row 8 happens quickly as it takes only 1 set 3 commission for your row 5 people to have enough to buy set 5 from you)


The Above Is Based On This Company Chart:


4C Sets best


In my videos, I advised people to get one of the monthly products right away…my experience is that people do not follow this advice.  

The monthly products here are useful..but adding them in later on may be the best new advice because it is more important to use your commissions to get all 6 sets first before you add on a monthly product.

Special Update May 13, 2016..

Starien no longer available as a  product on it’s own..

is now part of the Newsletter Subscription.

The Newsletter Subscription will remain at $29.95/month for now.

This is great news….Renita


4c major points

There are good articles on this site to help you understand better how things work, you are welcome to take a look.

Join with me, with my team ..with our fast start program..it’s really the only way to get the most out of this excellent business for a low upfront cost.


Read further for more exciting news:

new can work

Now for the More…

Very recently one of my 4 Corners partners developed a program to help people learn how to sponsor..how to market.  He is a programer and marketer who loves to teach…a rare combination, and he is teaching everything you need to know about online marketing with live training, detailed videos and pdf trainings.  The live training is special because things change online all the time, and it is an advantage to receive these timely updates.



For your Free Book and to get to know more about AR: CLICK HERE

One product is on how to set up a viral FB business page along with 8 techniques for making it go viral.  Why is this important…because the more people that see your business, the greater possibility they will join with you and you will make money.

You can set up business pages for 4 Corners or any other business you like, and you will love the positive way you approach this….you can even have your friends and family enjoy, like and receive your posts.  Here is my page for an example: CLICK HERE   I just started, so I have to do the techniques yet.  7 of them are Free techniques and the last one costs $1…$5 ..that’s it, not $50 or hundreds for FB advertising.

There is so much more to this program..the products are excellent and so is the ability to make money..onetime $67..and you’ll be very excited at how this system leverages itself.  There is an optional executive program with more training where you make $20 over and over again per person per month…it’s only $29.95/month. so you only need 2 people to pay for it..and you will have $10 extra in your pocket!

I just had a conversation with one of my newest AR one-ups…he said that the training here is well worth the $67..and he’s very happy he has this…even if  for some reason he doesn’t make any money with it…which I know he will!  I wish you could hear the enthusiasm in his voice…

REGISTER HERE to take a look. 

****Starting in January, I will be holding special classes to help teach  the secret of making money in AR… register now to grab a spot in this class..limited spots available.  I am Executive Qualified in Ad Rotator.

My goal is help people..people like you and me have a chance at a decent life with a decent income opportunity.  I believe I have found some excellent vehicles to do this with.  I invite you to take a look, and if you like what you see..why not join us.

I wish you all the best…always,  Renita



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