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To an Alternate Way of Making Money

These days it’s so important to find ways to diversify your income.

Making money in this legitimate alternative way has brought financial relief to many people.  We invite you to take a look and see if you would like to join our community of people helping people.   This is truly simple and manageable even with a hectic schedule that most people have these days.

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Check Out This Alternative Way of Making Money

For an in depth Comp plan presentation: CLICK HERE


Key Points From the Video Presentation

new can do wellIt’s wonderful what can be accomplished when a community of people work together to help each other.  This is what we are doing with this special way of approaching 4 Corners. When people commit to finding 4 people to join with them, it’s amazing what can happen for everyone.

With this, you have the ability to take back some control over your financial future.

Products: 6 Sets of Financial Education e-books and an Optional Monthly News letter

For a Product Presentation: CLICK HERE

Bonus for bringing people into your 4 Corners community is  a 100% matching income of their commissions…

purple 100 commissionMatrix comp plan set up




The Series of 6 Financial Education Sets:

getting all 6 setsThe potential Income calculated by how many Sets you and your community started with and how that effects income.

Set 4 Start is recommended, but Set 3 is also an option.

new sets only income

With Set 3, you have $3000 but Set 4 gives you $9000

Lets look at what happens when you add in a Monthly Sub.

 The Newsletter

The difference in this chart between Set 3 and Set 4 start is that the set 5 is fully paid out with the commission match with the Set 4 Start, whereas the Set 3 Start still needs the Set 5 commissions match.  It makes a big difference.

Note:The potential income is based on income from the company’s main website.

So what does this all cost…

A Set 4 Start is @ $116 US 

After you have set six from your commissions and earning,

you can get the Newsletter for $29.95 US/month

  • you register with set 3 and then add on Set 4 in the back office
  • The following video will show you how to register:

All the above calculations were derived from 4 Corners income charts..

Financial Education Sets:

4C Sets best

Monthly Financial Newsletter:

4C NL Best



This is the Executive 4 Corners Program in a nutshell:

4 Corners is a simple alternative way to create a new stream of income for you and your future group.  It’s amazing what can be done when you introduce 4 Corners to as few as 4 people.  What you are doing is creating a community of people who work together for the benefit of each other.

new can work

An added bonus is that 4 Corners qualifies for business use of home tax deduction:CLICK HERE

new tax1

We have a one on one mentoring and training:

in a special Team training site, however we did give you some help here…

To look at some training posted on this website: CLICK HERE

new mindset1You can see that our Executive 4 corners program really makes a difference in making money much faster with fewer people.

If you like what you see…

Join our community today: CLICK HERE

Please watch the video on how to register above or go the the join page for instructions.

I have a special way of registering so that anyone can get in right away with their Credit card and not have any delays.  When the STP option is selected, a live person has to verify the card, and this causes delays, especially on the weekend.

This is a link to the company website, you get one like this when you join: CLICK HERE   It’s Free

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dream vacations

Renita pro pictureThank you for taking the time to look at this presentation.

If you have any questions you can contact me below or call 780 463 0773 Mountain time



6 thoughts on “Diversify…Alternate Way of Making Money

  1. marcie hill says:

    So after I sponsor my first 4 people. Don’t I have to wait to get the pay out for level 4 until the whole matrix fills up? How do I get paid the payout with less people. That part confuses me.

    1. Renita Lowry says:

      Those are excellent questions Marcie. You will get level 4 payouts immediately when people land on your 4th row (level 4 or Sets 4) when they follow our plan and come in with the Set 4 start. There are people doing 4 corners starting at level 1 only..Set 1, and when people land on their row 4 with set 1, they need to wait until that person has enough commissions to buy it from them..this is where the fewer people concept comes in. In our plan, you need 1 person, the person who lands on your row 4 to get paid for Set 4, with any start lower than Set 4, that account needs to earn commissions from the people that come into 4 C under them, and this will take time and many people to pay the commissions. I did a post and video on this. See if this helps 🙂 http://my4corners.renitalowry.com/why-ex4c/

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