Focus on Marketing and the Money Will Come

Network Marketing has the word “Marketing” embedded in it.  Marketing is defined as “to make known”, and what we mean by that is that we are letting the “world” know that we are in business.  We have a product or service that may be of interest and make a difference in peoples lives.

I used to say ” Focus on people and the money will come” and “ If everyone did a little bit, everyone would do well“,  but I have come to realize that is part of the equation and learning what marketing is in it’s completeness and choosing aspects that interest me already means that I will be interested in the people aspect of it.  Paying attention to people’s needs are very important, but you have to find these people first, and that is through Marketing.

There are different kinds of marketing and doing a variety is the best approach.  When you do local personal marketing and combine that with online marketing, you will find you reach a larger market and with that a greater potential for higher income.

With online marketing, it is important to note that the net is ever changing and that it is important to keep up with these changes.  Here’s a personal example in Social Media Marketing.  I have a business page in FB, and they changed something in their code so that the images I posted in late Aug and early Sept. 2015 are now blank.  I have to do them differently, and only understanding what to do will help me correct this, and that means keeping up with access to training for these changes or trying to figure it out myself.

What’s funny is that the posts on my business page in FB take people to a landing page for a business, and before I fix the images that have been removed, the blank image still takes them to that landing page should someone be curious and click on it.

You might be familiar with personal marketing meeting people face to face for meetings and that is an excellent way to market.   But, if you open yourself up to online marketing you have the potential make a lot more money because you will have a much larger pool of people to market to.  It’s a numbers game, if I can call it a “game”, and as one trainer once told me….”numbers are your friends”.

I hope you see that when you are in business of any kind including Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing ( again the word “marketing” is in the title), the “job” entails “Marketing”.  If you want to have success, you will have to ” Focus on Marketing and the Money Will Come”

My next article will go into more aspects of marketing..also check this out if you want to learn about marketing and keep up to date with changes: CLICK HERE

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Have an amazing day….Renita

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