Marketing: Why do a Variety

One of the main reasons to do a variety of marketing is because that it is best for your success.  When you  do a variety of marketing there is a timeline aspect to it, and understanding this will help with the expectations you have for the different aspects of Marketing.

Warm Market Marketing…

You may have heard this before..people buy from people when they know like and trust them, so generating this trust is important for success.  This also means that people you have rapport with will have this trust and engaging with them in marketing will give you the fastest results.

Let me caution you here…you have to approach people you personally know in a way that doesn’t pounce on them.  You have to find a need they have and if the product or service in your business will help solve a problem for them, then there are ways of introducing this into conversation that will not offend anyone.  It’s about putting their needs first and connecting them with the benefits that have meaning for them that your product or service can provide for them.  You can market to people you know without fear, anxiety or the possibility of losing them as friends.

So, the fastest way to make a “sale” is to market with people you already know and this may even be other network marketers you are affiliated with.  Many people in the industry are open to looking at new businesses especially if the one they are currently doing is not working out very well for them.  But, you do have to approach with respect because you want to maintain the rapport you already have.

Buying Leads Marketing…

The next fastest way to achieve results in marketing is buy buying leads because theoretically you are being connected with people who are looking to make extra money from home and because this is your target market for bringing in business partners.

Buying leads cost money, and this is something that has to be taken into consideration. There are many lead companies out there and the cost can very a great deal.  What we find is that all leads are the same..low cost high cost..they are the same because you are dealing with people.  Knowing this can save you a lot of money on leads.

I did find an interesting lead company that is only $15 onetime for leads, but you will have to do a lot of cold calling, and these leads are not expecting you. 

But it is a good resource because…

~it is so low cost

~the training is great on how to approach the people and

~you do find people here that will join with you. 

The time aspect here in the calling may be a negative factor for some because you will get many outdated numbers that are not working anymore.  But, the pluses here do outweigh the negatives…unlimited leads for only $15 onetime that also includes an autoresponder..hmmm.  To look at it : CLICK HERE

Creating Your Own Leads Marketing…

This takes the the longest to see results from because you have to first establish an online presence, but after you have done this, you will be reaching more people who are looking to make money online or who want to buy your product or service.  If your product or service is available internationally then you will have access to people from all over the world that are looking.

Creating leads also includes Social Media Marketing and learning who to do this in a non offensive way will give you better results because you will more likely establish rapport and maintain it more quickly.

If you realize this is a process rather than an event, putting time into personal lead creation will bring you excellent leads because they found you and want to look at what you have.   They might even have come to a website like this one, read a bit about who you are and like and trust you because they like what you say about who you are. 

People may even call you to ask you questions about what you are doing and because they are open to you and what you have to offer,  this is the best lead.  But ,as you can see, this takes time to create but is well worth it.  As a special note, it is very important to have your contact information readily available because this allows the person, who is searching, a way to connect with you.

You can also create leads from posting ads as well as other offline methods.

There are so many marketing methods and learning as many as you can is a plus because of the positive effect it will have on your financial success.  I did find a business that teaches all kinds of marketing and it keeps people up to date because of the live training.  If you want to learn more: CLICK HERE

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Have a wonderful day…Renita

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