Ask anyone doing this business,

and they will tell you that the most difficult part is finding people

to do business with, in other words where do I find people

to sponsor into my business with me…

The answer is Marketing…in letting the world know you are  in business.  You are looking for people who, like you, are interested in making money online.

The best first place to start is to approach people you know..they trust you already and you will find that you can  find business partners very quickly this way.  Many people do not like doing this..they may have approached their”warm market” too many times before and are not willing to do this again.  For this situation, then learning how to do online marketing is the only other option aside from purchasing leads.  There is training and a learning curve to both methods.  The direct approach with leads can be faster, however, the best lead is one you attract yourself to your business, and I have a program, that is actually also a business opportunity that will show you how to do many, many methods to give you a good online presence, so people can find you.

If you would like access to the best training on how to approach your warm market

..I highly recommend this book by Michael Oliver ” How to Sell Network Marketing…without fear, anxiety or losing your friends!”.  It’s a process he calls natural selling.

I have bought training an other resource material on this, and have to say this is the best one I have is also an excellent book on communication skills that will help you in your personal life too.

Bought leads are all the same..and you will get a lot of no’s and rejection, but you will find a few who are interested in looking at what you are doing.  There is this lead place that is only $15 one time that gives you 100 leads over and over again.  The leads may be as old as 7 years, but I have found people here too.  Go here a look around..there is also an affiliate program attached to this, so why not doe this’s free to sign up.

Here’s the link for the extremely affordable lead program ( there is training here too, but if you decide to do this next program with my, I will give you our training on this)


Now..if you want to add on both online and offline marketing training I mentioned before where people come to you…

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the question is, do you finally want to have success with sponsoring?

If so, I know this will help. See you on the inside!

One last thing…you have to…absolutely have to love the business you are promoting..if you don’t, then when you talk with the people you are hoping to have in business with you, they will hear in your voice if you have the confidence that this business is a good fit for them or not. You have to have a strong belief in yourself and your opportunity..if you don’t…then change what you are doing, or find a way to change your trust in yourself.

(my own personal development is in reading the daily devotionals and watching the broadcasts at   you might find it helpful has really helped me to feel positive about life)

To your Success,  Renita


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