Affiliates Have Choice on Join Settings

The Sets in 4 Corners are worth $555, but 4 Corners decided that instead of having people start at this price, they could start at Set 1 with an $18 entry that included some start up fees, and then have the system”upgrade” or buy the remaining 5 sets for them from their commissions.

We found out very quickly that working 4 Corners in this way really delays the income, so we have been encouraging people to get at least the first 4 sets right away.  Sometimes I’ve had people join with me online at set 1 and stay at this level.  This hurts the team as it delays income.

Recently, 4 corners  changed the settings area so affiliates can now choose how many Sets a new affiliate who joins with them must purchase upon registration.

I have chosen to have mine at Set 3 so that all payment options are available to potential business partners.  A set 4 level would have required a Solid Trust Pay account.  Set 4 and Starien can both be bought separately using a regular credit card in the back office.  Sets 5 & 6 now need a Solid Trust Pay account so the larger amounts can be verified.  This reduces fraud.

I am extremely happy with this new feature of 4 Corners.  This means that everyone who joins with me will be in an accelerated program.  This helps the whole team.

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