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I’ve been where you most likely are right now…in a place where you so desperately want to learn how to grow your online business, you’ve bought tools and training and nothing seemed to work….you are still on square 1 with your business wanting to make that dream income to help your situation.

When you are in an online home based business, you may have found that you need to learn a few things to help you along the way.  I have something to show you that I believe will make a big difference for you.

I invite you to take a look. It is also my great pleasure to give you a Free Book. that explains how you can make money from a home based business.


Here are 3 steps to help bring you financial success

Step 1 Become a part of Ad Rotator IEC (ARI) ..training

Step 2 Become an ARI Executive Member  ..advanced training

Step 3 Become a part a simple Network Marketing business ..diversify your income

Most people do not have training on how to get traffic to their site…training on how to market and sponsor people into their online home based business, but once this is learned, it gives the ability to have success in any  business.  Many people get into a Network Marketing company without having any skills on how to let the world know they are in business….The best way to start with any home based business venture is to learn this first.

Fortunately, Ad Rotator IEC has this training. AR is also a Home Based Business using itself as the example, allowing you to make money instantly in your paypal while you are learning.

*ARI has grown into so much more than marketing training and software to help you earn and learn.

Ad Rotator IEC is step 1 and 2 of this process.

To learn more and for a free book: CLICK HERE

Then step 3 adds on a very simple Network Marketing company so you can diversify your income  easily and effectively.

Let’s take a more in depth look…

Step #1

Ad Rotator IEC :CLICK HERE to be sent to a presentation that explains the program

If I had to describe Ad Rotator I.E.C. as it is today, I would say, “Take a software manufacturing company and put it together with a complete online university and then combine both of them with a full service network marketing company. Then you would have Ad Rotator I.E.C.”  

Features of Ad Rotator IEC

Why Is Ad Rotator I.E.C. The Best Business Vehicle Out There?

  • It’s Decentralized You Have Full Control Over Your Business, Your Website and Your Payments
  • You Get 100% of The Money
  • You Are Paid Instantly
  • You Are Paid Directly
  • You Get Live Training
  • There’s Residual Income
  • Powerful Leveraged Payment Systems
  • Unique and Powerful High Demand Products

 *the internet changes all the time

and only with live training can you keep up to date

ARI created very unique products

that not only can be used for marketing and promotion

of any business

but allows you to have additional streams of income

from Local Business and Client Support Including:

*Video fare  

*Banner  fare Local Business Support

*Net-Resume and more

You’ll have to watch the video on ARI to see what this is all about


Some More Familiar Methods of Marketing Including:

*Ad posting to Free Sites and training on rotation

*Social Media Marketing that is different than you have seen before

*Viral FB Business Page Training and Set including 7 Free Ways to promote

(avoid having to pay for expensive ads to FB)

*Youtube Video Ads Training like you’ve never seen before

(updated January 25, 2017)

*Learn How to Talk With People about your business

*and much more


Advanced Executive Training Also Features Residual Income

as well as ways to set up a payment system to make money on products

you have created.. click here for an example

Ad Rotator IEC is based on a special decentralized system so you will be personalizing and customizing a website. This is how you have full control of the process.

There is step by step training on how to do this. What I did was watch what to do, pause the training and did the step.  It’s really that simple but if you have never done anything like this, it will be very new for you.  I am amazed at how much I have learned in ARI and what I have created so far.  

Look at this landing page I made for my other business so my business partners have a way to promote a special fast start version of the business.  I designed this so people could make money faster: CLICK HERE

I also created a 2017 Calendar again using the products and training in ARI.  To look at it and if you would like your own personal copy: CLICK HERE

What’s really amazing is that the value here is thousands, but this is available for a very nominal onetime fee of $67!

For more info on Ad Rotator IEC: CLICK HERE

Step #2

Ad Rotator IEC Executive Level

There is an executive level to Ad Rotator IEC that is a very small $29.95 monthly fee.  You will learn special advanced marketing techniques.

This extension of AD Rotator  gives you a chance to build a nice monthly residual income.  You receive $20 instant payments to your Paypal for each person in your executive business month after month.

Think about it..you only need 2 people in the executive program with you and you will have an extra $10 in your pocket.

ar executive


Now that we have you well on your way to learning many different marketing techniques including How to Talk With People, and you are generating some income from Ad Rotator and the AR Executive program…this is a good time to add on that simple Network Marketing business to diversify your income.

We have chosen 4C for this for many reasons, but it has to be approached with our Special Fast Start program to help everyone make decent income with fewer people in the system.

4C is also a good choice because it is Global and the product teaches personal financial skills.

Step #3

You can look at AR as a “feeder” program to help you earn the money you need for our  4 Corners Fast Start, and the people you need to sponsor into 4C to help you have that 100% commissions match.  In any MLM business, the real money comes from the bonus income from personally sponsoring.  That is why many people never succeed, but we have eliminated this issue in this 3 step process.




Please note..there is a change to the video that will make the sign up process easier and faster..take a look:

We changed the  join link to a Set 3 start..that will be $54.60, then have people get Set 4 from their my purchases section after they have joined costing another $60 for the product…extremely affordable, and you are on your way for making $9000 when your first 4 rows are filled, and you have sponsored your first row. ( the reason for the Set 3 join to begin with is so there will be no delays in the join sequence..people can use their credit cards..if we set it at Set 4..then Solid Trust Pay must verify the card.  I know I have changed my mind on the Set 4 vs Set 3 join setting, but my final conclusion is that the fastest way is always the best)

IBO banner make money faster4c commisions orange

We have looked closely at 4 corners from every possible way to approach this.  With it set up that you can upgrade to the next level from your commissions, people may think hey..onetime $18..no sweat, but if you don’t look at how it works and how many people it takes to pay you those commissions, you may approach this in a way that you will never see any real income.

We looked at what happens with a set 1 start.. set 2… set 3…. set 4…, and if you are going to do set 5…why not jump to the set 6 ..it makes more sense.

4c set 1-4 2016

This charts shows that you can make over $9000 when you first 4 rows in the 4×6 Matrix are filled and you have personally sponsored your first row of 4 people.

If you and your group had money..the best way to do 4 Corners is to get all 6 sets immediately.  If you did and your whole group followed, you would only need 5460 people total in your matrix to receive all the commissions on your personal matrix.  With the start up fees..this is @ $600..but, we found that when you do a set 4 start…it’s affordable and it is reasonable in the number of people it takes to pay you for those very lucrative set 5 & 6 payouts.

set4 & sponsor4


You can also make money in 4 Corners from the Retail Sales of the products…which is 25% higher than the listed price on the company  income chart.

4c retail

As a member, you pay a discounted price for these products and newsletters. However, you will be able to sell the Products and Newsletters directly from your Retail Store to non-members for the full retail price of each product. In these instances, you will earn eighty percent of the total commission payout pool and your Sponsor will receive the remaining 20%. For example, If a book in the store sells for USD $12.00, The company keeps $2.00, and you will receive $10.00, and your Sponsor will receive $2.00.

The Monthly Newsletter…

4 Corners 1 monthly product option


Now the plan here is to stay with the sets only so you can build up your matrix with out any further personal payments until you have a good sized matrix, you are getting income, and you can get the monthly product from your commissions.


4c major points

Let’s take a look at what we presented to you…

We have taken you through a way to help you really Learn How to Make Money Online working from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you have a telephone and internet access.

We had you learn some marketing skills and put some instant cash into your hands before we introduced you to a simple MLM business to help you diversify your income.

We brought you a way to attract like minded people to you who are also interested in making money online and who may follow you into 4 Corners or any other MLM you may be working.

We hope this will help you solve some of your financial issues from both the income and the training you will receive in the businesses we have presented to you.

Your success follows your belief in yourself that you can do this and the dedication to follow through with the training you receive.


To you and your success always,

Renita Lowry

780 463 0773 (Mountain time)

skype: renita.lowry

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