Having True Value Makes All The Difference…

When something has true value…you can feel the difference…see the difference… and know that it makes all the difference.

I used to hate the word value, because it was over used to suggest that a product or service had value..had excellence.  So often this was not true, and so when I would hear that word…value, I would cringe.

I like to do things that make sense and help people, so being me..I look for ways to make a business I am doing work in ways that make sense..that have value.  I am pleased to report that my efforts to do this have been noticed by people, who are being helped as I had hoped.

In my current business projects I had compliments both yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday was one I am hearing often, and that is for the Special Fast Start approach I am doing…..I basically have to hide the name of the business so people will be curious enough to look at my way of doing it without saying..oh yeah..that one..it’s doesn’t work.  Oh yes it does…doing it my way it works beautifully.

One lady looking at my new marketing training business told me her sponsor in the other one was so excited about my approach, she is adopting it and sending out emails to her team to follow it.  I think…yes…I think I am creating a movement and this will help everyone.

This morning, my newest business partner in the marketing training business is working on his FB viral page…and…wow “G” said that if he didn’t even make a dime in this( which I know he will anyway)…the $67 was well worth all the new knowledge he is gaining from this training.  I will pass this on to the Jerry, the creator of this…I know that was his intention, to give way more value than the cost and have people really happy with it no matter what they did with the business.  Mission accomplished Jerry…I feel the same way about what I am learning too.

When you do something, do you look at how you can pass on the best value for people to help them…is this something that is important to you.  If it is, I believe you will see success in what you do and make great new friends along the way who appreciate you for what you have shown them…ways to help them improve their lives.

I did a post here that shows you what I am talking about in the 2 businesses… CLICK HERE  if you are interested in learning more.


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