How to Create Your 4 Corners Community

Now I know you might be thinking..this looks great..

can I do this.. what do I have to do?

If you’ve never been in a Network Marketing business before or if you have and have never had any success, you will be interested in what you have to do to create your 4 Corners community.

I think it is best to keep it simple and not complicate anything, after all, 4 Corners is a simple yet effective Home Based Business opportunity.

First of all, it’s important to be committed to doing something immediately.  If you can’t then wait and start when you know you can promote 4 Corners right away.   What we are looking for here is putting money in your account ASAP.

Right now, you are in the “looking” phase of deciding whether this business is for you or not.  Make sure you have a good understanding of what we are all about. 

How Our Community Approaches 4 Corners:

 ~get the first 3-4 Sets,

~get Starien or the Newsletter

~sponsor 4 people

~help them do the same..

~results..$4000 – $10,000 when your first 4 rows are filled.  Isn’t that simple?

We have ways to help you do this.

One of the most important things that will help you is Belief… the confidence that what you are doing has value to you and others...this is the Mindset we are talking about.  And you must Boldly go forward and spread the news of your business…that’s called marketing/promoting.  You can do this.

The key to making money is a good comp plan, and with 4 Corners, we have that.

 4 Corners is a business, but it is also a community, and  approaching it seriously, no excuses and with a can do-results attitude, will make a huge difference.

The beauty of this is that you are setting up a group of people, a community that helps each other from the work they do, so no one really has to do a lot. It’s called duplication, and that’s the only way to make this work.


It’s not about one person having to sponsor a lot of people. I’ve watched MLM’s grow a few people here, a few people there, into large communities, that’s how it really works, with people doing their part…it’s win/win that way.

What’s so exciting is that the way we have you do 4 Corners, you don’t need a lot of people to make this work, you need a few of the “right” people, we will work with you to help you sponsor your first row of 4, one person at a time.  You need people who will see the vision, find their first row of 4 and who will follow our plan.  Because you don’t need a lot of people to make this work, this can be something that anyone can fit into their already busy schedule.

Your best ally is your confidence and your commitment to doing it.  Don’t let anything get in the way of that. You see something positive in 4 Corners, write that down and look at it every day if you have to to keep you motivated.

Financial education is a Life that should have been but wasn’t taught in high school…this makes our simple program very useful…learn about money, make money too and learn how to take money and make more…and with the HBB…save money in’s win/win/win.  We need to get this message out there.

Setting a plan to create your community and being consistent with inviting new people to presentations on a daily basis will help you find your first 4.

If you join our community, remind me to share with you about our marketing system because we have a way to never run out of people to talk to.(North America only).

4 Corners is simple.  When you compare it with a lot of other MLM companies out there, I think you would have to look long and hard to find anything close to how well you can do for as little initial investment to get started, and the income potential of it.

4 Corners is Global.  People can bring in other people from most places in the world, and this means you have billions of people as potential business partners and customers. 

4 Corners is a digital product.  This contributes to it’s simplicity.

Keep on believing how special 4 Corners is especially when you get opposition, and you will.

The are are skeptics out there, so what, that is life and the nature of what we are trying to achieve.  Keep on growing your community and know that you are looking for the few “right” people, the naysayer was not one of them…next.

In 4C with the 100% match, meaning, when someone you sponsor gets a commission, you make the same in a bonus income, it’s counter intuitive not to sponsor people..not to bring people into the 4 Corners community.

There are many different ways to market 4 Corners, and you will have to decide which one or ones you would like to do. Different approaches require just that…different approaches.  The Marketing Academy Starien and our team training website help you with this.

There are a couple of things to try first, and we will go into that with you.

Your goal is to get people in front of a presentation, then to follow up with them to answer questions and find out if they are going to do it with you or not. So to do this, you need to have a good presentation other than the company website  to explain how it works and you need to be familiar with 4 Corners. 

We have a choice of presentations ready for you to use with links to them in our special training site.

You can get help from your sponsor too, to talk with people in a 3-way telephone conversation or at a coffee shop, this can help when you feel you don’t know much.  But,this is so simple…do yourself a favor a learn what 4 Corners has to offer.

I highly recommend you talk with people you know first, but you have to approach people in a way that you are not pushy with them.  You have to find out first if they have a need and then if they are the kind of person  who will do something about that financial need.  Only then do you see if they are interested in looking.  I know this sounds like the long way around, but believe me, it’s a lot better than blurting out an invitation to look at your business.  Connect the benefits of being in the Ex4c with their needs, that’s the best approach..and be normal when you do it ( I think you know what I mean).

What you are doing is sorting…sorting to find people who are ready and willing to be a part of what you are doing.  This is not about convincing people.  If you twist someone’s arm to do this, you will always have to push that person along into helping to grow the community, and that is unproductive and exhausting.  Most likely this person will never do anything, and you will have to find more people to fill in the spots under them.

You have to come across as believable too. I think when people see $18 make $500,000 it’s unbelievable..and it is..and the way they are thinking is a good way of looking at it.  It is unbelievable.  But to look at making $10,000 with a $165 investment in a relatively short time given people do their part and find 4 business partners..that is believable.


  • We suggest to fill your first row of 4 people..that’s not a lot of people

  • Be bold, confident

  • Be serious and get engaged…know what you have..this will give you confidence

  • Remember this is amazing…can work this anytime of day and night, especially when doing things online and in different parts of the world

  • Your task is to…

  • 1) find people to invite to a presentation by marketing and promoting our plan

  • 2) invite them

  • 3) follow -up with them until you get a Yay or Nay

  • 4) get the “Yay’s” started

  • 5) help your people find their people

  • 6) repeat until you have reached your goal

  • I have a training website exclusive for my group to help with this

  • I am here to help you, let’s work together to help your community grow

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If you need to look at more info,

This video is an interesting comparison

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