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Four Corners Alliance Group: Honest Review 2016

It’s been 2 1/2 years since Four Corners Alliance group has been on the map.  There have been many changes that have made this company more and more attractive as a lucrative business offering worth a good look.

About 1 1/2 years ago, Four Corners Alliance Group, did a restructure from a 2 x 16 matrix commissions plan to a 4 x 6/7  Matrix version that has made it possible for people to make more money with fewer people.  Typical to 4 Corners, the commissions were changed to give more, making this already attractive business plan even more inviting.

4 Corners maintained the 100% bonus commissions match as the income incentive for sponsoring.  Many people mention that they get into 4 Corners because of this.

The product offerings continue to grow, doubling the number of e-books in the series of 6 sets of Financial Education offerings.   Typical to 4 Corners, there is no extra charge for these books, nor will there be any when they introduce more into the series.

The Starien Marketing Academy was added on a short while ago, to help people learn how to market 4 Corners and any other business.  It brings a new monthly subscription offering that pays more in the first rows, but I found that it recommended people pay FB for ads..and when that will cost $50 – $100..that does not make sense to me when the company promotes the $18 start.

4 Corners Alliance Group has an excellent income plan, however, it has to be repackaged so people make money faster with fewer people in a different sense than what was mentioned above.

Everyone participates in the Sets

When people get into 4 Corners, everyone participates in the series of 6 sets of financial Education e-books.  Originally everyone registered with Set 1 and either bought more sets right away or allowed their commissions to buy the remaining sets for them.

Most people opted to stay at Set 1 to let the “pay your way from commissions” system take over.  As we have seen in the business, this choice is not the way to put money in your pocket very fast.  It just takes too many $18 set 1 participants before any real money is made.  I’m sure it is easy to see that it would take a lot of $18 starts to generate even one $500,000 payout.

When looking at the sets, many people see that there is half million dollars waiting for them, but they never stop and look at what has to happen before this money is in their hands.

Often, people engaging in the $18 onetime strategy end up stopping when no real income is realized quickly…it just takes too many people to make enough commissions to first make the extra $545 needed to buy the remaining 5 sets before “real in their pocket” income is realized.

The Solution

Luckily, there is a solution to all of this, because 4 Corners Alliance Group is a great company with good owners who are interested in people’s well being.  Since Affiliates have the choice on how to work their business, the solution lies with how 4Corners is presented and promoted by these affiliates.

Just a few short weeks ago, affiliates were given the choice of which Set level people had to purchase to to join with them.  No more Set 1 only registrations unless that is what people think, unwisely, is the best option.

This was a huge step in the right direction for helping people get started in a better, more lucrative way for them and the people coming into their matrix.  Everybody benefits and this is how…

When people “land on a spot in your matrix”, if they have already bought the set ,you get paid immediately.  If they have Set 1, commissions are only paid if this person lands on the first row, or there is a situation of receiving Set 1 bonus income.  Otherwise, there is a delay, and on the rows 3-6, this can take a very long time.

huge differenceSome people defend the $18 strategy, that there is no difference, but there is. 2016 update… I created the following video to advise you to get the Sets first with no monthly to give you a great start with your income:

 This chart shows you a comparison of the Set 1-4 starts with sponsoring your first row..I have to create a scenario to show you how this works and sponsoring row 1 is excellent advice:

sets 18 true

When more Sets are purchased immediately, more set commissions are paid immediately. people make money quicker, and everyone is happy.

Now take a look at the what happens in row 5 and above.this is where the really big money comes in

set4 & sponsor4


 Having a monthly subscription helps to set up that stable income people are craving.  4 Corners has 2 choices here that are optional.    2016 recommendation has us advising you to add in the monthly’s when your matrix has grown and you can advise your group to add it in.  The following presentation explains this strategy…

The purpose of being in a business is to make money, and if money isn’t coming fast enough, people move on.

Four Corners Alliance Group is a “sleeping giant” when it is worked in a way that generates income faster.  Too many people are getting duped into a promise of riches with a version of 4 Corners that takes the most number of people and the longest to achieve any real money.

When you register, they have a system that you can register with a credit card with no delays up to a Set 3 registration, Set 4-6 registration requires card verification from Solid Trust Pay.  This delays the transaction, especially on the weekends when they are not available.

To get around this, affiliates can choose a Set 3 registration, with instruction for people to buy Set 4 from their back office.  All subscriptions have to be handled from the back office.

Four Corners Alliance Group is an excellent business choice.  It’s simple, you can do business in most countries, and it’s stable.

If you choose to be a part of 4 Corners, the best way to make money faster for you and your group is to start with more Sets ..Set 4 start is affordable and reasonable...then add on the monthly for a residual income when your matrix is growing.

My group is now called the 4 Corners Fast Start Team and we work 4 corners in this way

Many of us have also added on a new program to help us learn about online and offline marketing…this new program has weekly training that keep you up to date and 100% commissions paid directly to you.. and we are learning how to do FREE marketing methods…to learn more: CLICK HERE

We are creating a community of people helping people.

For more information: CLICK HERE
take a look around this website, you will see some info on me and some other articles such as best kept tax savings secrets

Thank you for stopping by.  I know this is a bit long, but it is a review, and one that I feel was important to write.

I wish you all the best always,  Renita Lowry

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